Pesticides and waxes used on fruit and vegetables are designed to be waterproof so washing with just water will not remove them.

Using natural ingredients derived from coconut oil, grape and corn extracts Veggi Wash Fruit Too’s active cleansers breakdown agricultural contaminants so that they can be easily rinsed away.


Veggi Wash Fruit Too uses three active cleansers:


Active Cleanser 1– Reduces the surface tension of the fruit or vegetable’s skin allowing contaminants to be rinsed away.


Active Cleanser 2– Captures and holds contaminants in solution stopping re-contamination during washing. 


Active Cleanser 3– Breaks down contaminants and aids final rinsing.


Independent tests show that Veggi Wash Fruit Too* will:


Be up to five times more effective than washing in water alone.


Can double the life of fresh produce.


Dramatically reduce any pesticide contamination. 


Improve safety by reducing the surface microbe count. 


Float away any creepy crawlies.


Improve the flavour and extend the useable life and freshness of produce.


Leave no aftertaste or smell.


(Veggi Wash Fruit Too * tested verses cleaning with tap water alone.)