Veggi Wash Fruit Too Trigger Spray 

Place produce into a colander. 

Spray with Veggi Wash.

Leave for 2 minutes. 

Agitate with hands. Rinse in clean cold water.


Veggi Wash Fruit Too Concentrate

Add 1or 2 caps of Veggie Wash to a sink containing 5 litres of cold water. 

Soak produce for 1-2 minutes. 

Agitate with hands. 

Rinse in clean cold water.


Veggi Wash Fruit Too Wipes                                

Wipe produce thoroughly and enjoy. 

No need to rinse.


Organic Produce

Use on organic produce as they have as much surface grime as non organic produce.

Use on oranges, lemons and limes and other fruits before zesting.

Always wash your dirtiest fruit and vegetables last.