The original and best natural fruit and vegetable wash

Up to five times more effective than washing with water alone

Naturally clean, safe, longer lasting fruit and vegetables

Like washing fruit and vegetables with vegetables and fruit

Removes soil, waxes aND agricultural chemicals

Don’t just wash it, Veggi Wash it

Veggi Wash Fruit Too is the all-natural way to remove soil, agricultural chemicals, waxes and surface micro-organisms from produce.

Containing only food derived ingredients, so that you can enjoy the freshest-tasting fruits and vegetables, along with the peace of mind that comes with using environmentally safe products. Proudly made in the UK.

Available as a concentrated solution or a ready to use refillable spray. Buy now whilst pesticide shocks last!

Naturally removes agricultural contaminants

No taste, no smell, just clean, fresh, healthy fruit & vegetables

Made with 100% safe, natural ingredients

Our products

The Veggi Wash Fruit Too range works to remove agricultural contaminants, surface bacteria, pesticides, soil & wax using 100% safe, natural ingredients. No taste, no smell, just clean, fresh, healthy fruit & vegetables.

Kitchen safe spray - 750ml

 Anti-bacterial surface cleaner that kills bacteria and enveloped viruses, including coronavirus. 


Mix yourself or use to refill your Veggi Wash Trigger Spray. Save money, save waste, save the planet.

Bulk - 5L

A whole lot of Veggi Wash. Order 4 and receive a convenient pump dispenser.


Easy-to-use fruit and vegetable wipes for the ultimate convenience.


Veggi Wash pre mixed. Convenient and easy to use spray. Healthy, clean & green.

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