Veggi Wash Fruit Too has safeguarded you and your family’s health for over 25 years (click to see a leaflet from yesteryear & it carries the same healthy message today) by naturally removing agricultural contaminants, surface bacteria, pesticides, soil and wax from the food you eat.

Independent tests prove that washing with Veggi Wash Fruit Too is five times more effective than washing in water alone and could double the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our unique formulation uses naturally derived ingredients and has been developed in conjunction with leading food hygiene experts.

Produced in the UK for home and professional use Veggi Wash Fruit Too is independently safety tested and is ecologically and environmentally safe.

Veggi Wash Fruit Too…Naturally clean, safe, longer lasting fruit and vegetables.

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Natural Ingredients


Pesticides and waxes used on fruit & vegetables are designed to be waterproof so washing with just water will not remove them – that’s where Veggi Wash Fruit Too comes in! Using natural ingredients derived from coconut oil, grape and corn extracts, Veggi Wash Fruit Too’s active cleansers breakdown agricultural contaminants so that they can be easily rinsed away.

Veggi Wash Fruit Too uses three active cleansers:


Active Cleanser 1

Reduces surface tension of the fruit or vegetable’s skin allowing contaminants to be rinsed away.


Active Cleanser 2

Captures and holds contaminants in solution, stopping re-contamination during washing.


Active Cleanser 3

Breaks down contaminants and aids final rinsing.

Independent tests show that Veggi Wash Fruit Too* can:

  • Be up to five times more effective than washing in water alone.
  • Double the life of fresh produce.
  • Dramatically reduce any pesticide contamination. 
  • Improve safety by reducing the surface microbe count. 
  • Float away any creepy crawlies.
  • Improve the flavour and extend the useable life and freshness of produce. 

Leaves no aftertaste or smell.

*Veggi Wash Fruit Too tested vs cleaning with tap water alone.

Organic Produce

Veggi Wash was originally formulated to remove pesticides from the surface of fresh fruit and vegetables but during product efficacy testing it was observed that a number of extra benefits could be attributed to the solution.

Veggi Wash is excellent at reducing surface microbial loadings, it rapidly dislodges insects and helps float them away, it’s good at removing surface grime and overall is a superb cleaner.  Therefore even the most carefully grown organic produce could do with a little hygienic help.

We recommend you use Veggi Wash on organic or home-grown produce as they have as much surface grime and unwanted residues as non-organic produce.

Use on oranges, lemons, limes and other fruits before zesting and always wash your dirtiest fruit and vegetables last.



What is the expiry date of Veggi Wash?

One year after opening.

What are the ingredients of Veggi Wash?

All Veggi Wash Fruit Too products are made with 100% safe, natural ingredients. Containing only food derived ingredients, you can enjoy the freshest-tasting fruits and vegetables, along with the peace of mind that comes with using environmentally safe products. ​Our unique formulation uses naturally derived ingredients and has been developed in conjunction with leading food hygiene experts.​

Actual Ingredients are: Plantaren, Sucrose Esters, Cocoyl Glutamate (from Coconut & Sweetcorn), Trisodium Citrate and Glycerine (all vegetable derived). It’s like washing your fruit and vegetables with vegetables and fruit.

How long will the diluted concentrate last?

Veggi Wash is naturally preserving and on dilution with clean water, will stay fresh for 28 days.

Is Veggi Wash Organic?

It is naturally derived with organic materials however it is not certified organic.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes all of our packaging can be recycled.

In what order should I wash my vegetables?

Always wash the dirtiest item last. We recommend you wash your fruit and vegetables after shopping and before you store them in a refrigerator. Your produce will stay fresher and last longer if you follow the Veggi Wash road.

I am pregnant, can I still use Veggi Wash?

Yes. Veggi Wash contains only food derived, 100% safe, natural ingredients.

I have a nut allergy, can I still use Veggi Wash?

​Veggi Wash does not contain nuts or any nut derivatives. However we recommend you check the ingredients and ask your doctor if you think you may be allergic to any of them.

What should I do if I accidentally get Veggi Wash in my eyes?

Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses (if present and easy to do) & continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: seek medical advice.


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The Veggi Wash Fruit Too product range has been tested by the following companies, in addition to St Angela’s Food Technology CentreTiro Labs Minneapolis, Oklahoma Standards Testing Labs and Bridle Microbiological Consultants

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