Fruit and vegetables exposed in shop displays are open to dirty surfaces, handling and atmospheric bacteria. Help protect you and your family: Use Veggi Wash Fruit Too, to remove surface contamination and to reduce the possibility of contracting COVID-19.

The Food Safety Unit of the World Health Organisation stated that the surface of fruit & vegetables on display could be contaminated with COVID-19. The virus is spread by contact with sneeze and cough droplets from an infected person. It is recommended to wash all fruit and vegetables, prior to eating them, with fresh water. Wise words but you need more than just water: you need help, and Veggi Wash Fruit Too is all the help you need!

…is based on a combination of natural surfactants that are capable of rapidly destroying the lipid coating of Covid-19.

…contains natural sequestrants which help with the breakdown and encapsulation of any post-harvest pesticide residues -thus preventing them from redepositing on the surface of your fruit & vegetables.

…produces a very low surface tension wash solution which helps to dislodge the airborne and environmental pollutants and reduce surface handling micro-organisms.

…is simple, safe and economical to use, leaving produce that tastes better and lasts longer too. No taste, no smell, just safe.


  • More than 17,000 tonnes of chemicals were used by UK farmers on their produce in 2015 (and they are much more toxic).
  • Crops are now commonly treated with 20 different pesticides in a season.
  • PRIF (Pesticide Residues in Food) conducted tests in 2017 which found that 47% of food tested contained pesticide residues.
  • The USA exports 27 tons of pesticides every hour of every day. Many are not legal in the UK but are used in countries that we import from.
  • An average of four strangers handle your apple before you choose it – and up to twenty could have handled your tomatoes.
  • Independent tests prove that Veggi Wash Fruit Too is 500% better at cleaning than using water alone.
  • Veggi Wash Fruit Too could double the life of your fresh produce and improve safety too.
  • Crop protection chemicals are formulated to stick and not wash off with rain – will tap water wash them off? No.

You need help – Veggi Wash Fruit Too: It is all the help you need. For cleaner, safer fruit and vegetables that will taste better and last longer too.


Busy washing your fruit & veg? Keep the kids entertained with our printable colouring sheets! Click a design to open in a new window and print out.

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