Looking After Your Fruit and Veg at This Time

by Jun 3, 2020Top Tips

Virologists have confirmed that COVID 19 can survive on fresh supermarket produce just like any other surface. While we all may be accustomed to washing our fruit and veg with fresh water and think that it has washed all the bad away, water alone has been proven to not be 100% effective.

Here’s why:

1. Pesticides and waxes found on fruit and vegetables are designed to be waterproof – so washing with just water won’t get rid of these!

2. We all know insects can get anywhere and your fruit and veg are no exception. Water alone cannot get to those ‘hard to get to’ nooks and crannies. 

3. Even organically grown produce has surface grim, it is transported from farm to shop so who knows what it is exposed to on the way. 

4. While our fruit and veg may look nice, shiny and clean after a quick swill under water does it really cleanse and clean away the bacteria from each person who has been in contact with that particular fruit? They may have touched, coughed or sneezed on it?

5. Veg such as kale, after being tested had at least two or more pesticide residue detected. Others such as: strawberries, spinach, nectarines, apples, grapes (the list goes on) are similar (EWG, 2019). 

6. And let’s just leave it at this: would you wash your teeth, clothes, face with water alone?


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